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Pancanology Blog Posts

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I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on May 11, 2010, after visiting the emergency room because of severe back and abdominal pains. Over the previous five months, those pains doubled in intensity every three weeks and my PCP and various specialists could not find anything except a hiatal hernia. I still have that hernia, but the cancer didn’t make it.

In this blog, I’ll explore pancreatic cancer treatments. The current crop of chemotherapy drugs are blunt instruments that attack all dividing cells. New drugs are being produced that target specific mutations present in many, but not all tumors. As patients, we need to try and select the drugs that present us with the best chance at survival. We don’t have many chances to get it right.

We’ve all heard the dire pancreatic cancer statistics. Every web page and paper written about pancreatic cancer starts with the same bleak outlook. I want to give patients the information they need to increase their odds a fraction. In general, I find that the more knowledge I have about the subject, the less scary it becomes. I have my next treatment steps planned based on my health history and what I know about my genetic makeup.

This information may make no difference, it may make a little difference, or it might give someone their life back.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Albert Einstein